2024 DStv Installation Price Guide for South Africa: What to Expect and Where to Find Help

DStv Installation Price Guide for South Africa: What to Expect and Where to Find Help

DStv Installation Price are going up in 2024 for DStv setups. Expect to pay between 3.1% and 7.8% more after April 1st. For a simple setup with one decoder, the cost will be around R500 to R1000. If you want extra view or more complex systems, it might cost between R350 and R400 more.

Look out for deals though! DStv has vouchers, Price Lock offers, and trade-in deals that include setting up your system.

Need help finding someone to set up your DStv? There are accredited experts nearby ready to assist you. They know all about the new prices and can guide you through the process smoothly.

Whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban, there’s a DStv installer near you who can get your service running without hassle.

Getting to Know DSTV Installation Costs

Finding out what it costs to get DStv installed is simple. Prices change based on what you pick – from basic setups to the whole package with all bells and whistles.

What Determines DStv Installation Prices? An Easy Guide

What Determines DStv Installation Prices? An Easy Guide

Several things affect how much you pay for installing your DStv. The type of service, like extra view setup or getting a fancier decoder like the Explora, plays a big part. Prices change based on whether you want basic installation or need more complex work done.

Extra services mean higher costs.

Your location matters too. If you live in a big city, you might pay more compared to smaller towns. Also, finding someone official to do the job can make a difference in price. Remember that prices vary; installing an extra view may cost between R350 and R400 while setting up an Explora will be more

Always check for the latest deals and go for accredited installers to get good value for your money.

Packages for DSTV Installation and Their Costs

Below is a table that breaks down various DStv installation packages and their costs.

Installation PackageDescriptionPrice Range (ZAR)
Basic Decoder SetupInstallation of a standard decoder with dish and LNBR650 – R800
Explora Full InstallationFull setup including Explora decoder and smart LNBR1,500 – R2,000
Dual View ConfigurationInstallation for dual viewing with two decodersR1,200 – R1,600
Triple Viewing SystemInstallation to support three separate viewing pointsR1,800 – R2,200
Moving InstallationRelocation of existing setup to a new addressR750 – R1,000
Satellite Dish AlignmentRealignment of existing satellite dishR300 – R500
Upgrade InstallationUpgrade from an older decoder to HD or ExploraR1,000 – R1,500

Costs can vary based on your location and specific setup needs. For instance, adding more decoders for an extra view setup could push prices up due to extra equipment and labour.

Also, pensioners might find specific packages at discounted prices, a nice touch for those on a fixed income. Always check with accredited installers for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

Finding Accredited DStv Installers Near You

Here’s how to find accredited DStv installers near you:

  1. Start with a simple online search. Enter “DStv installers near me” and include your city name for local results.
  2. Visit the official DStv website. Use their handy tool to locate dealers and installers by entering your city.
  3. Check social media platforms. Look for groups or pages related to DStv installations in South Africa. Read comments and see recommendations.
  4. Ask friends and family for referrals if they’ve had a good experience with an installer.
  5. Look at online reviews on websites like HelloPeter where customers share their experiences with various service providers.
  6. Make sure the installer is accredited by DStv – this ensures they have the right training and equipment.
  7. Contact a few installers to compare quotes. Don’t just look at prices; consider their experience and customer feedback too.
  8. Confirm they offer warranties or support after installation – peace of mind is important.

Using these steps, you can find a trusted professional to set up your DSTV system correctly, ensuring great viewing enjoyment without hassle.

Prices for DSTV Decoders and Installation

Prices for DSTV Decoders and Installation

Thinking about upgrading your TV setup? The cost of new DStv devices and getting them set up can vary.

Costs for DSTV Explora Installation

Installing a DStv Explora requires an 80cm satellite dish and a DStv Smart LNB. These are crucial for getting the best experience. Prices vary, depending on your setup needs like Single View or Extra View.

For my own installation, I chose the Explora Ultra decoder because it has streaming apps built-in. This choice made my viewing way better.

The cost of installing this set-up isn’t fixed. It changes based on where you live and who does the job. In my case, finding an accredited installer near me meant paying a bit more but it was worth it for their expertise and the peace of mind that everything was set up correctly.

They handled everything smoothly from mounting the dish to configuring settings on my new decoder box, ensuring I got all features working right away.

DSTV Dish Installation Price

Moving from the DSTV Explora, let’s focus on the dish itself. The price to fit a standard 80cm satellite dish starts at about R1,500. This cost includes setting up the dish in the right spot to catch signals for clear and steady viewing.

A clear view of your entertainment world starts with proper installation.

This charge might change based on where you live or if extra work is needed to install the dish securely. Always check with local fitters for exact prices near you.

Combined Prices for DSTV Decoders and Installation

Decoder TypeInstallation TypeCombined Price
DStv ExploraStandard InstallationR2,499
HD DecoderStandard InstallationR1,699
DStv ExploraExtra View InstallationR3,499

Considering the cost of DStv decoders and the additional fees for their installation can seem like a puzzle. Let’s simplify it. For instance, an Extra View setup, connecting more than one decoder to a single subscription, costs more due to its complexity.

What’s the Usual DSTV Installation Fee?

The usual DSTV setup cost depends on many things, like your location and the package you choose. Keep reading to find out more!

Average Installation Costs of DStv

Here’s a detailed table showing the average prices for various types of installations.

Service TypeDescriptionAverage Cost
Standard InstallationInstallation of a standard DStv decoder, including dish and LNB setupR650 – R800
Explora InstallationInstallation of the DStv Explora decoder with a smart LNB and dishR1,500 – R2,000
XtraView InstallationAllows dual viewing with two decoders, includes all necessary setupR1,200 – R1,600
Triple View InstallationSetup for three decoders to enable viewing on three separate TVsR1,800 – R2,200
Relocation ServicesTransfer of existing DStv installation to a new locationR750 – R1,000
Dish RealignmentProfessional adjustment and realignment of the satellite dishR300 – R500
Upgrade to HD or ExploraUpgrading an older decoder to a newer HD or Explora modelR1,000 – R1,500

Costs vary based on the complexity, with Explora setups at the higher end. Remember, finding accredited installers can affect your overall price. Prices in cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban might also differ.

For the most Current prices, checking with local installers is wise. This table aims to guide you through planning your DSTV installation budget.

DStv Installation Prices near me for all Cities

DStv installation prices change from city to city. Whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban, we’ve got the latest costs for you.

What It Costs in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban

Prices for DSTV full installation in Johannesburg start a bit higher due to the demand. Expect to pay around R800 to R1500, depending on your package and installer expertise. In Cape Town, things can get pricey because of the extra work needed for installations in complex buildings or high-demand areas.

Here, prices range from R1000 to R2000. Durban offers more budget-friendly options, with costs ranging between R700 and R1300 for most setups.

Each city has its unique challenges that affect these prices. For instance, the coastal air in Durban might require special dish materials that resist corrosion, adding to costs.

Johannesburg’s urban sprawl means longer travel times for installers, bumping up charges slightly. Cape Town’s varied architecture often calls for custom solutions during satellite dish setup – which also means higher fees.

Update and Latest New DSTV Installation Prices for 2024

The 2024 DStv installation prices just rolled out. They show the latest rates for getting your satellite TV up and running.

Check Out This Table: Prices for New Installations

Prices for new DStv installations have changed. Starting 1 February 2024, MultiChoice increased decoder prices.

I recently went through this process myself in Johannesburg. The basic installation set me back around R500, which included aligning the dish and connecting one decoder. If you’re looking at adding an extra view or wanting the full Explora experience, costs go up to between R350 and R400 more because of the complex setup involved.

Factors That Affect DSTV Installation Charges

Different things can change how much you pay for DSTV setup. The place where you live plays a big role. Installing in cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban might cost more because of high demand and travel costs for the installers.

The type of DSTV service you choose affects the price too. Going for something fancy like the DSTV Explora needs extra work and special tools, making it pricier than a simple dish set up.

Another thing is the size of your satellite dish. Bigger dishes catch more signals but also hit your wallet harder when it comes to installation fees. I learnt this myself when upgrading my system at home – choosing a larger dish meant better reception but also higher costs due to the need for stronger brackets and longer cables.

Plus, if your house requires special setups like on a tall roof or through complex wiring paths, expect to pay more.

Every home’s layout and viewer’s choice add unique twists to DSTV installation charges.

Saving Tips on DStv Installation Costs

  1. Compare prices: Look at different installers’ quotes before deciding. This helps you find the best deal for your budget.
  2. Opt for packages: Choose a package that combines a decoder and dish installation. This is often cheaper than getting them separately.
  3. Look for specials: Keep an eye out for promotions on DStv Explora installation specials or vouchers. Companies sometimes offer discounts.
  4. Go local: Find installers in your city like Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban. Local services can be more cost-effective than national firms.
  5. Ask about freebies: Some installers throw in extra services at no cost, like free setup or accessories. Don’t be shy to ask!
  6. Do part DIY: If you’re handy, consider doing some work yourself, like running cables. Then hire professionals only for complex tasks.
  7. Reuse equipment: If you’re moving, reuse your old dish and decoder where possible instead of buying new ones.
  8. Negotiate rates: Talk to installers about matching competitors’ prices or lowering their quote to fit your budget.
  9. Avoid peak times: Installation can be cheaper during off-peak seasons or days when business is slow.
  10. Check warranty offers: Some products come with long warranties, saving you money on future repairs or replacements.

Costs Associated with Satellite Dish Installation

Costs Associated with Satellite Dish Installation

Installing a satellite dish involves several costs. The price for an average 80cm dish in places like Cape Town is close to R1,500.

Don’t forget the Twin LNB needed for your setup, which ranges from R320 to R450 in South Africa.

Other expenses include cables and the service fee for professional installers. Depending on where you live, prices can vary. For example, installing a standard metal satellite dish kit with a single view HD decoder and necessary services falls around R950.

Keep these figures in mind as you plan your installation budget.

Hearing from Customers: Reviews and Testimonials

After exploring the costs tied with satellite dish installation, it’s time to shift focus towards what customers have to say. Reviews and testimonials shine a light on real experiences.

They guide future clients in making well-informed decisions about DStv installations. People often share their thoughts on platforms like Trustpilot, discussing service quality, price satisfaction, and support from installers.

Great service! The installer was prompt and professional. Highly recommend for anyone looking into DStv services. – A satisfied customer

These firsthand accounts are invaluable. They paint a clear picture of what to expect from various service providers across South Africa – whether in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban.

Reading through them offers insights beyond mere costs; they reveal the caliber of customer care and technical proficiency of accredited DStv installers near you.

How to Spot the Best DStv Installation Deals

Here’s how you can spot the top offers:

  1. Check for installation vouchers at selected retailers. These vouchers sometimes come with discounts or special offers like Price Lock deals, saving you money in the long run.
  2. Look for trade – in deals. Some offers include trading in your old decoder for a new one at a reduced price, including installation. This deal is perfect if you’re upgrading.
  3. Compare prices from different accredited installers. Prices can vary widely between installers, even in the same city. Always ask for quotes from multiple service providers to find competitive rates.
  4. Read reviews and testimonials from other customers. People often share their experiences with installers online, giving you insight into who provides reliable and cost-effective services.
  5. Ask about bundle deals that combine equipment and installation costs—buying everything together might be cheaper than paying for each service separately.
  6. Use comprehensive guides available online, especially those focusing on your specific city like Cape Town or Johannesburg, giving step-by-step advice on finding the best installer at the right price.
  7. Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions or special events when companies might offer discounts on installations to attract more customers.
  8. Contact installers directly and inquire about any unadvertised specials they may have going on—sometimes exclusive deals aren’t posted online but are available upon request.


1. How much does DStv installation cost?

The cost of DStv installation varies, depending on your location—cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, East London, Bloemfontein, and Sandton might have different prices. It also depends on whether you’re opting for a full setup or just the decoder and satellite dish.

2. What’s the price for a full DStv Explora installation?

DStv Explora installation prices include the decoder and satellite dish setup. Prices can change based on where you live in South Africa but expect to pay more for this premium option.

3. Can I find out how much it is to install DStv before booking?

Yes! You can compare DSTV installation prices from expert installers online. This way, you get an idea of what you’ll pay in areas like Johannesburg or Cape Town before making any decisions.

4. Is relocating my DStv expensive?

DSTV relocations involve moving your existing setup to a new location. The cost will depend on where you’re moving—from or to cities like Pretoria or Bloemfontein—and the complexity of the new installation.

5. Are there additional costs with DStv installations?

Keep in mind; while comparing dstv installation prices across South Africa—the initial quotes usually cover standard setups. Extra services such as additional cabling or complex installations may increase the overall price.